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City Driving School in the city of Bell, California offers teen and adult driver education courses with online scheduling for classroom and behind-the-wheel training.   They have  extensive experience with all types of drivers. Furthermore, they cover all the necessary techniques to achieve driving independence from nervous, anxious, and inexperienced drivers. Additionally, their courteous and highly trained staff help customers through the process of applying for a Driver's Permit and Driver's License. To date, City Driving School has helped more than 2,000 students obtain their Driver's Licenses.

City Driving School was created from passion, dedication, and a dream. They are proudly a small family business making a difference in the community and turning dreams into reality. Their mission is to educate, empower, and make a difference in our community through education in driving.   They opened their doors in October 2015 and have proudly served more than 5,000 students.

Design Process

The City Driving School small business website includes intuitive features like click-to-call buttons, multiple contact forms, a built-in scheduling system, payments processing, and responsive functionality.  Site administrators can easily publish blog posts with pictures and videos on a daily or weekly basis. This functionality keeps students informed and up-to-date with the latest driving school trends.

Final Thoughts

If you own a driving school business in the 21st century, you need a well-built website. Your students are counting on you to make it easy for them to get the information they need to sign up for classes. At Cerebrum, we can help take a load of your back by allowing you to focus on running your business while we take care of the information technology.

At the end of the day, it's important to work hard, but it's also important to work smart. There is no sense in trying to wear too many hats. Why not leave the technology up to the professionals? Whenever you are ready to launch a next generation digital presence, we are here, always ready to help.

“We are delighted with the end result of the website. It has been a hit with the students!”
Edward Melgar
Office Manager at City Driving School

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