Inspired by Operation Fast and Furious, a string of violence follows government-sanctioned sales of guns to criminals as one man fights to bring his daughter’s killers to justice.

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An Incisive Action Thriller Inspired by True Events

Set in 2009, Gunwalkers, directed by Addison Sandoval, chronicles a string of violence following the U.S. Government's release of guns to known criminals. After his daughter is murdered in cold blood by a lawless gang, Hank is forced to take matters into his own hands to clean up the streets. 

But tragedy strikes when a crazed gunman opens fire at his place of work leaving Hank seriously injured. In a last-ditch effort, Hank enlists a hardened, battle tested militia to track down his daughter's killers across the unforgiving Sonoran Desert.

Production Notes

Gunwalkers was filmed over a span of seven days.  The project required months of intensive prep work. U.S. Marines were even brought out for the cast and crew to undergo weapons training.  Experienced Hollywood stuntmen. special effects personnel, and emergency medical personnel were on hand throughout the filming for the action scenes.  

On location shooting took place in the harsh conditions of the desert and no green screen was used for any part of the film.  Writer-Director Addison Sandoval's aim was to achieve a documentary-style chronicle of the events of Fast and Furious. To this end, the action sequences were all filmed live to create a more visceral effect on the audience.  

Shot on beautiful 4K definition entirely on RED cameras, Gunwalkers is an action film that packs a punch both thematically and visually. It was released to rave reviews including accolades from the Burbank International Film Festival and the Independent Filmmakers International Film Festival. The complete film is available to watch on Amazon or iTunes.

Final Thoughts

Narrative and Documentary films require a great deal of planning and know how to get off the ground.  Prep work can take upwards of a year for small projects and more than two years for larger projects.  However, in the end, watching the finished project on the silver screen makes it all worth it.  

Motion pictures are the medium of communication that has best lasted the test of time.  That's because cinema has a unique way of getting a message across.  The silver screen can enable audiences to travel across space and time.  Digital capture technologies and nonlinear editing have elevated motion pictures to a whole new level.  

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